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Days Workshops - 3 days: Image

Gay Men Walking - Portugal

Days Workshops - 3 days: About

A 3 day multidisciplinary event for men that are interested in expanding their queer consciousness and connect on a deeper level to themselves and to the tribe they belong to. It is a place to move and play, to learn and share, to evolve both as individuals and as a community. 

On each day we focus on a different aspect of our queer experience. Day 1 is dedicated to the Queer Body. We look at our body, our connection with it, its boundaries and limitations and the ways we use to express ourselves through it. On day 2 we explore the Queer Mind. We reflect on our personal narratives, thought paradigms and inhibiting patterns. We acknowledge the forces that lie within us in order to change and grow. On day 3 we focus our energy on the Queer Spirit. We connect to universal queer elements, to our special healing powers and to our collective tribe. We recognize the gifts we have to share with the world and our own unique place in it. 


For full event schedule scroll down

Workshops are 60-90 minutes 



Days Workshops - 3 days: Schedule

Day 1 - The Queer Body

09:30 Morning circle. Introduction to the day and event and getting to know one another.

10:30 Yes Please! We learn how to set physical, emotional and mental boundaries, how to say Yes and No and how to receive them. A communication practice for our sexual relationships and our every day life. 

12:00 Lunch Break

14:00 The Collective Dancer. An improv and contact dance workshop where we examine the connection between our body and others, while breaking stereotypes and embracing the power of togetherness. 

16:30 Body Talks. Talking with and about our body. Exploring and sharing stories about sexuality, shame and pride.

18:00 Closing circle

Day 2 - The Queer Mind 

09:30 Morning circle. Introduction to the day and event and getting to know one another.

10:30 My Queer Hero's Journey. We explore our personal journey and path in life as queer people, our relationships, our struggles and our triumphs.  

12:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Pop-Up Meditation. Experience different types of meditation, and discover to which healing powers you connect the most.  
16:30  Intuitive Stories. A workshop that allows us to connect on a deeper level and open our hearts.

18:00 Closing circle

Day 3 - The Queer Spirit

09:30 Morning circle. Introduction to the day and event and getting to know one another. 

10:30 Healing Touch. Discover and use the magical queer healing powers that lie inside each of us.

12:00 Lunch Break

14:00 A Diva is Born. A performance workshop where we learn how to work with our body and voice, express ourselves, and let our inner diva come out. 

16:30 Ancestors Ritual. Connecting to our past and our queer roots, embracing the present and looking forward into our collective future. 

18:30 Event Closing Ceremony

Registration and Contribution

 Full 3 days (Body, Mind, Spirit) - 1500 Baht

1 single day - 600 Baht

Registration for the event is necessary. 

Days Workshops - 3 days: Image


The retreat will take place in the north-western part of the beautiful island of Koh-Phangan. Specific location will be sent in an email after registration. 

For more information about the event and the location please register for the event, or contact us directly. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Days Queer Workshops Event.

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