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Retreats for GBTQ Men


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Retreat for Gay & Queer men




Spiritual gay journey

Mountains &
Plant Medicine


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Previous Events

Opening ceremony
Day trip
Body as Art
The collective dancer
Day trip
Body as Art
Day trip
Healing touch
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We are a collective of gay and queer men who share a deep desire to connect - to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us. We organize retreats and spiritual trips for gay, bi, trans and queer men, where we offer a unique space dedicated to wellness and personal growth. In our retreats and spiritual trips we are joined by GBTQ men from around the world, and together we explore and take care of our bodies, emotions, sexuality, hearts, minds and spirit. Together we create something magical. Join us.

RainbowMen retreats for gay and queer men

Tamir Rakushkin,
also goes by "Foxy"

Dancer, performer, artist, Kundalini Yoga instructor. Tamir is an artist of movement. His work focuses on the emotional effects that movement has on the human experience and the connection between touch, body, and spirit.

RainbowMen retreats for gay and queer men

Roy Polad, 

or as we call him - "Rosa"

PhD in philosophy, lecturer, researcher, Hatha Yoga instructor and mediation practitioner. Rosa's work is focused on queer philosophy and its connection to our every day life.

RainbowMen retreats for gay and queer men

Ofer Danziger,
you can just call him "Ofra"

Story teller, writer, Improv artist, spiritual seeker, and travel guide. Ofer's work is dedicated to the various arts of self-expression, the healing powers of the spoken word, and the expansion of the gay-queer consciousness.

What people had to say about their experience

"It was magical, life-changing, and genuinely beyond words to describe"


"Loved it! So out of my comfort zone! I threw myself into it and it was amazing!"

"I went to the retreat for more personal introspection. I had no idea that I would leave loving so many and feeling so loved!"


"It was really the time of my life. I came alive, and it really changed me. I feel strong and powerful, and UNSTOPPABLE!"

Listen to what Alex had to share about his experience

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Any thoughts or questions? Let us know and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Thanks for contacting us!

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