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Mountains &
Plant Medicine


gay journey

This is the only journey in the world that combines traveling, with Amazonian plant medicine experiences, in a safe gay-men-only environment. Be prepared to get to know the local culture, embark on a 4-day trek to Machu Picchu, and explore your consciousness through spiritual shamanic San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies. As part of the RainbowMen experience, we will also participate in unique workshops, sharing circles, preparation sessions, and integration of our spiritual and emotional journey. This is not your ordinary organized sightseeing trip, but rather a journey of alternating landscapes, and into the depths of your mind. 


- 4-day Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu
- Majestic city of Cusco

- Sacred Valley and Pisac Market
- Authentic remote local villages
- Peruvian food tour and cooking class
- San Pedro ceremony
- 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies
- Preparation and integrations sessions
- Unique workshops and sharing circles
- Travel with a group of gay & queer men


Duration - 14 Days / 13 nights 
Start and end - Cusco, Peru
Group size - Minimum 6 / Maximum 12
Accommodation - 3 star hotels (Cusco) / retreat centers (during our plant medicine ceremonies) / mountain huts (during the trek)
Crowd - Gay & Queer Men


Next Journey 3-16/9/2024 
Price - 3950 USD



Day 1 - getting there

You probably have a long flight ahead of you, wherever you're coming from. Rest well on the plane, because we have an exciting journey ahead of us! We will be meeting in Cusco at our hotel at 15:00. After check-in we will get to know the group we will be traveling with, get our first glimpse of the beautiful city and then go out for dinner together in one of the city's great restaurants. 

Day 2 - We're so high

At an altitude of 3400 meters (or 11,152 feet) Cusco is one of the highest cities in South America. After breakfast, we will head out for our first city tour. In the afternoon we will have the first in-depth workshop that will allow us to connect with our group members who will be sharing the journey with us. Then, it’s dinner and drinks around the town.

Day 3 - Culture and food

Our day begins at the famous San Pedro Market where we will meet our local guide for a delicious food tour, followed by us cooking our very own Peruvian lunch and making some famous Pisco-Sours! In the afternoon we will have a briefing that will prepare us for our 4-day-trek to Machu Picchu. Our physical journey begins. 

Day 4 - Trek to MAchu PicchU

The 4-day-trek that will take us to Machu Picchu is considered one of the most beautiful treks in the world. On our first day we will pass by beautiful lagoons and lush mountains, and camp for the night at the Sky Camp under the stars.

Day 5 - Trek to MAchu PicchU

Today we reach the highest point of our trek at an altitude of 4610M (15124F). Here we will find ourselves in the middle of the Andean Mountain Range, mesmerized by the snowy peaks.

Day 6 - trek to machu picchu

Today we begin noticing ancient Inca ruins along the trail. After lunch we will start the last part of our trek - a 3-hour jungle walk that will take us to Aguas Calientes - the gateway to the Machu Picchu. 

Day 7 - machu picchu! 

We have arrived! After a 2-hour guided tour around Machu Picchu, we will have free time to roam and explore the site. In the afternoon we will board the train that will take us back to Cusco for a night of well-deserved rest.

Day 8 - chill day

We’ve been through an intense week and it’s time for a relaxed free day. You can visit the many museums of the city, go shopping, enjoy a massage, or just stroll around the beautiful town. In the afternoon we will have a group meeting to share our experiences so far, and start preparing for the week ahead of us, and to our San Pedro and Ayahuasca journeys. We are done climbing mountains, and now we start diving deep into our minds and spirit


Day 9 -ayahuasca ceremony

Today we will arrive at ETNIKAS Ayahuasca Center - one of the most traditional and well-established Ayahuasca centers in the Sacred Valley, where we will meet with the Shamanic team (the spiritual guides that will lead us through the ceremonies), and start preparing for tonight's ceremony. At 18:00 we will gather at the traditional space for a heart-opening meditation, followed by our first ayahuasca ceremony that will take place until the middle of the night (about 1-2 am). 

Day 10 -ayahuasca ceremony

Our day will start with an integration session about our experiences from last night. Later, as part of our retreat, we are going to volunteer with the local community for 2 hours. After volunteering, we will gather again for a love & compassion grounding meditation, followed by our second Ayahuasca ceremony that will last until the middle of the night (1-2AM)

Day 11 - Sacred Valley

After a morning integration session, we will say our goodbyes to "Etnikas" and head towards the Sacred Valley and the beautiful town of Pisac. We will stay at the “Hummingbird Retreat Center” - our home for the next 3 days. Today we will discuss our experiences with Ayahuasca, enjoy the beautiful nature around us, and start preparing for the last part of our journey. 

Day 12 -San Pedro Ceremony

Our San Pedro ceremony begins at the “Malaka” - the ceremonial open space in the garden. After drinking the thick green fluid (which we have made ourselves the previous day), we will spread around the beautiful garden where we will spend our day, surrounded by nature and tranquility. Towards the afternoon, when the effects of the San Pedro start to wear off, dinner will be waiting for us, and after eating and grounding ourselves, we will head back to our rooms for a sweet night sleep full of dreams about the day we had.  

Day 13 - integration

After a relaxed morning that will include a sharing circle about our experiences from the San Pedro ceremony, we will say goodbye to Sacred Valley and head back to Cusco for the last day our journey. Today will be focused on our integration process - the first part will consist of a deep sharing of our experiences with Ayahuasca and San Pedro and the lessons we’ve learned during our time in the Sacred Valley. The second part of our integration process will be dedicated to understanding how can we integrate all the gifts and insights we’ve gained and received during our journey into our everyday life. 

Day 14 - the journey home 

One last group hug, and it's time to say goodbye to each other, and to Peru. Grateful for the unique and unforgettable experiences we’ve been through, we begin our journey home, wherever it may be. Hopefully, we now hold a better understanding of ourselves and of our lives, and cherish the new connections we’ve made along the way. Wow, what a trip.

Ceremony space

What's included in your journey


  • RainbowMen guide & facilitator 

  • Cuzco city tour

  • 4-day, all-inclusive, trek to Machu Picchu

  • Guided tour of Machu Picchu

  • Visit and hike the Sacred Valley

  • Pisac village & market

  • Food tour Peruvian cooking class

  • San Pedro ceremony
  • 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Preparation & integration sessions

  • RainbowMen unique workshops

  • All activities - no "hidden" costs

  • 13 nights accommodation 

  • Tips for drivers / city & trekking guides

  • 13 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 5 dinners



  • Airfare (international & domestic)

  • Meals not mentioned

  • Mandatory travel insurance

Interested in joining the "Mountains & Plant Medicine" journey? Curious and want to hear more? Please send us your details and one of us will contact you very soon!

Thank you for contacting us! We've received your message and one of us will be in touch with you soon.

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