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The full story: About Us

In early 2016 a group of gay and queer people, traveled to the Israeli desert for a weekend. We were looking for a space where we could come together, enjoy nature, learn from each other, and connect with other likeminded men. The experience turned out to be life-changing for some of us, and what started as a fun weekend for a few friends, quickly grew to become something much bigger. That is when RainbowMen was born. Our goal is simple. We wish to share our knowledge and enrich the lives of gays and queers around the world.  Together we learn how to live a purer life, full of self love and free of judgment.

We are Who we are
In our retreats we allow ourselves to explore all aspects of our GBTQ life and consciousness. We remember and rediscover who we are. We learn to love ourselves, in all our colors. We share our gifts and our magic with each other. We Let ourselves be whoever we want to be. 

We share the understanding and feeling that we are all part of a family of GBTQ men, a global tribe. We at RainbowMen welcome everybody to join, all colors, shapes and sizes, all ages and nationalities. We are diverse and accepting without judgement. We listen and we learn. Individually and collectively, we grow and evolve. We connect. 

Emotional and Physical Wellness
In our retreats there is something for everybody and everyone; we promote personal and community growth, spiritual development, deep relaxation, and lots of playfulness. We regenerate and rejuvenate.
We are RainbowMen. Join us. 

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